This open letter is designed specifically for Quebec sovereignists. However it is also, I believe, in global public interest. The sovereignist project concerns Quebecers and of course, for a very different reason, Canadians. How could it happen to also be of interest in the world, to become a worthy global issue and a cause in itself as, for example, the question of democracy, the fight against poverty and the environment ? One of the primary goals of this open letter is to provide a deep and complete overhaul of the sovereignist project in order to make an ethical project and, hence, of universal interest. In this form, perhaps he could find a new life.

The Parti Québécois has defined sovereignty as « the power of a state to make its laws, levy its taxes and establish relations abroad ». This can be heard or not in the ethical sense. In the non-ethical sense, this type of power is presented as absolute and authoritarian and was widely criticized for his irresponsibility towards other nations,  including Canada seen as a particular nation. In the ethical sense, it can be understood in a manner consistent with respect for other nations in general[1].


[1] The texts will be translated into English and many other languages ​​soon.