This open letter is formally addressed to all Muslims. However, it could be of interest too, I think, to believers of other religions, as well as unbelievers. My main goal is to show that despite all appearances to the contrary, Islam is inherently respectful of the person and even, under certain conditions, the expansion of Islam would be good not only for Muslims but also for all mankind. My text will be argued and critical, many of his arguments are supported on texts by contemporary Muslim thinkers […]. I think it is quite right to highlight certain qualities of Islam, and quite important to do so citizens, that is to say in a respectful manner towards others and responsibly towards all. […] The Prophet Muhammad , in his message, includes respect for people as going hand in hand with that which values and encourages the development of their autonomy. Thus the Qur’anic message seeks to advance the human in the sense of responsibility and freedom of conscience*. Open Muslims offer Quranic revelation to others because that which he wants is their free consent**.


* I am using here the interpretation of Abdelmajid Charfi, one of the thinkers of Islam presented by Rachid Benzine in his book, Les nouveaux penseurs de l’Islam (The new thinkers of Islam), Albin Michel, 2004; p. 237 and 240.

** See Mohammed Arkoun, Penser l’Islam aujourd’hui (Think Islam today), Algiers Laphomic ENAL, 1993 ( quoted by Rachid Benzine, Les nouveaux penseurs de l’Islam (The new thinkers of Islam), op. cit., p 104). No doubt that the Muslim can do at least as well as the Catholic did so with regard to religious freedom (see the Lettre ouverte aux catholiques, Présentation / Presentation). A famous verse of the Qur’an states:  » No compulsion in religion » ( Qur’an 2/256 ); simply recognize here that goes in the direction of Arkoun interpretations and Benzine.