Summary of the open letter to feminists:

A review is made ​​of several sexist aspects of contemporary societies which are still far from fully respect women in general, wherever they are in the world. Instead, women are still abused in many societies. The author of the letter shows, through examples, that the cultures in general are still imbued with sexism in the form of contempt for women. To try to remedy this situation, the letter offers

i ) “universal” recognition of all women as human beings in the full sense of the term and

ii ) “universal” recognition for all women of their difference as desired or chosen : Women compared to men, lesbian compared with heterosexual, Muslim women compared to Western women, etc. This is interpreted as a claim to equal status of any person, man or woman, and respect for difference freely chosen by women irrespective of the difference [1].

In addition, the letter offers empowering and non-punitive imputation, and as much as caregiver possible. The punitive maintains other inequalities. Often it is the women and the most vulnerable who pay the price.


[1] Further explanation can be found in Agorathèque : Le respect de la différence (respect for difference) et « Difficultés conceptuelles » (conceptual difficulties). These texts will be translated into English and many other languages ​​soon.